BGP – Path Attributes

Attribributes combined together make up the "metric" or believability of a BGP route. Well-Known, Mandatory These attributes must be supported for RFC compliance. AS-PathNext-hopeOrigin Well-Known, Discretionary Industry standard and documented under RFC. They do not need to be included in a routing announcement but can be. Local PreferenceAtomic Aggregate Optional, Transistive Optional means that the … Continue reading BGP – Path Attributes

SDA Services – Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA)

Encrypted traffic is a problem for analytics, firewall inspection and other security measures that need to look inside the packet to see if there is malicious intent. The workaround in traditional networks is to use a proxy to act as a man in the middle decrypting, inspecting and then re-encrypting which allows firewall inspection while … Continue reading SDA Services – Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA)