IPv6 Neighbor Discovery (ND)

  • NS – Neighbor Solicitation:  Multicast message sent to local link by a host advertising its IPv6 Link Local address – “does anyone have this address?”
  • DAD – Duplicate Address Detection – making sure the IPv6 address is unique.
  • NA – Neighbor Advertisment – I “own” this IPv6 address!
  • Process repeats for IPv6 Global Address.
  • Complete replacement for ARP.
  • debug ipv6 nd
  • show ipv6 neighbors – replacement for show ip arp in IPv6.
  • FF02::1 – Multicast address for all devices on local link (broadcast essentially)
  • FF02::2 – Multicast address for all routers on local link
  • FF02::1:FF00:2 – Solicited Node Address
  • FF02::1:FEE8:0 – Solicited Node Address (for Link Local address)
  • FF02:16 – Multicast Message

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