IPv6: OSPFv3

OSPF concepts in version 3 are exactly the same as version 2 with some minor differences.

  • Neighbor relationships between the Link Local Addresses.
  • Enabled under the interface itself. Global configuration still exists but is for tuning parameters.
  • No authentication – relies on native IPv6 encryption.

IPv6 Routing is required: ipv6 unicast-routing

To enable OSPFv3: (interface) ipv6 ospf <process> area <area>

R1(config)#int e0/0
R1(config-if)#ipv6 ospf 1 area 10
%OSPFv3-4-NORTRID: OSPFv3 process 1 could not pick a router-id, please configure manually
R1(config-if)#ipv6 router ospf 1

 %OSPFv3-5-ADJCHG: Process 1, Nbr on Serial1/0 from LOADING to FULL, Loading Done

Note that neighbors will not form without the router-id being set.


show ipv6 protocols

R1#show ipv6 protocols
IPv6 Routing Protocol is “connected”
IPv6 Routing Protocol is “ND”
IPv6 Routing Protocol is “ospf 1”
  Interfaces (Area 0):
  Interfaces (Area 10):

show ipv6 ospf neighbor

Neighbor ID     Pri   State           Dead Time   Interface ID    Interface           0   FULL/  –        00:00:33    6               Serial1/0           1   FULL/BDR        00:00:39    2               Ethernet0/0

 show ipv6 ospf interface

R2#show ipv6 ospf int
Ethernet0/0 is up, line protocol is up
  Link Local Address FE80::A8BB:CCFF:FE00:200, Interface ID 2
  Area 10, Process ID 1, Instance ID 0, Router ID
  Network Type BROADCAST, Cost: 10
  Transmit Delay is 1 sec, State BDR, Priority 1
  Designated Router (ID), local address FE80::A8BB:CCFF:FE00:100
  Backup Designated router (ID), local address FE80::A8BB:CCFF:FE00:200
  Timer intervals configured, Hello 10, Dead 40, Wait 40, Retransmit 5
    Hello due in 00:00:02
  Graceful restart helper support enabled
  Index 1/1/1, flood queue length 0
  Next 0x0(0)/0x0(0)/0x0(0)
  Last flood scan length is 1, maximum is 1
  Last flood scan time is 0 msec, maximum is 0 msec
  Neighbor Count is 1, Adjacent neighbor count is 1
    Adjacent with neighbor  (Designated Router)
  Suppress hello for 0 neighbor(s)





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