• RIP still runs on UDP/521
  • Still considered distance vector protocol.
  • Still has a maximum hop-count of 15.
  • 16 hops is considered unreachable.
  • Split Horizon is turned on by default.
  • Still as Administrative Distance of 120.
  • Uses Multicast Address FF02::9 for all its communication.
  • No network command to enable anymore – done on the interface.
  • Uses link local addresses for its multicast communication.

IPv6 routing needs to be enabled: ipv6 unicast-routing

Enable RIP: ipv6 rip <tag> enable  under the chosen interface.


R1(config)#interface e0/0
R1(config-if)#ipv6 rip CBTNUGGETS enable

The tag defined is locally significant only


show ipv6 protocols – shows interfaces configured and tag.
show ipv6 route – shows IPv6 routing table.

Global Commands
When RIP has been enabled, it is possible to use the ipv6 router rip TAG command to adjust various RIP parameters including:

  • Distance
  • Distribute Lists
  • Max Parths
  • Poison Reverse
  • Port
  • Redistribution
  • Split Horizon
  • Timers




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