Other Wireless Technology

Other sources of RF that can interfere with 802.11 networks.

  • WiMAX – 802.16.  Works between 2-11Ghz and 10-66Ghz. These are licensed frequencies in the US.
  • ZigBee – Small, low powered Personal Area Networking technology that operates in the 2.4Ghz band.
  • Bluetooth – Personal Area Network. 2.4Ghz range. Devices based in three different classes.  Class 1 (100mw around 100 metres), Class 2 (2.5mw – around 10 metres), Class 3 (1mw – approx 1metre). Most devices are Class 2.
  • Other devices; Gaming, Phones, Microwave Ovens, Baby Monitors, Lights (RF reflection off fluorescent lights).

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