Access Point Modes

  • Local (Data and Monitoring)
  • Monitor (Monitoring only)
  • Sniffer (Redirects Frames*)
  • Rogue Detector (Wired Only)
  • Bridge (Mesh AP Network)
  • SE-Connect (Spectrum Expert**)
  • OEAP (Office Extend AP***)
  • H-REAP aka FlexConnect****

*When using an AP as a sniffer, intercepted packets can be dissected (decoded) as PEEKREMOTE which will give Wireshark a better understanding of what the packets are.

**Spectrum Expert – collects RF information that can be fed into a program called Spectrum Expert which can provide analysis of the RF environment.

*** OEAP – the concept of having a corporate  access point at a home location that connects back to the office over the Internet. Once a user has authenticated, he has access to corporate resources across the Internet via a secure tunnel.  Additional SSID’s can also be created for non-corporate users to get onto the regular Internet i.e. Guest Access.

 **** H-REAP Similar to OEAP but for branch offices.  The WLC exists at a HQ location and the AP at the branch separated by a WAN.  The AP can make local decisions about authentication and frame switching without having to send everything back to the WLC to break out preventing local traffic having to traverse the WAN.

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