WLC Port roles

AP Manager Internet

  • Used for Layer 3 communications between WLC and lightweught AP after the access points have joined the controller.
  • Used as the tunnel source/destination for communication between WLC and AP.

Management Interface

  • In-band management of the controller.  Use for access to the controller GUI.
  • Used by AP’s to discover the controller.  Acts like an AP manager interface by default.
  • Inter-controller communications.  Mobility groups exchange information using the management interface
  • Is the only consistently pingable in-band interface IP address on the controller.

Virtual Interface

  • Used to support mobility management
  • Act as DHCP relay and DNS gateway
  • Uses as the source of certificates when Layer 3 Web authorisation is enabled.
  • For embedded L3 security such as guest web authentication and VPN termination.
  • Acts as the DHCO server placeholder for wireless clients that obtain their IP address from a DHCP server.
  • Serves as the redirect address for the web authentication login page.

Dynamic Interface

  • Also known as VLAN interfaces and are created by users.  Designed to be analogous to VLANs for wireless LAN clients.
  • Mapped onto WLANs

Service Interface

  • Out of band management and can also be used for system recovery and maintenance purposes.
  • Statically mapped by the system to the service port
  • This is the only port that will be active when the controller is in boot mode
  • Default gateway cannot be assigned to the service port interface. Instead, static routes can be defined through the controller for remote network access to the service port.



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