Scheduled Wireless with Ubiquiti Access Points

One of the nice features of the Ubiquiti Wireless system is the ability to turn off individual SSID’s on a scheduled basis (at least with Unifi 5.9.29). An example use could be attaching the kids devices to an SSID which gets switched off at 10.30pm when it is time for bed.

To enable schedules:

  • Open your Unifi Controller and go to the Settings menu.
  • Select Wireless Networks.
  • Find the SSID you are interested in and then hit Edit.
  • Scroll down towards the bottom of the screen and enable the Scheduled checkbox.
  • A WLAN Schedule block will appear on screen with a series of bars, one of each day of the week. Create the schedule you want by enabling the relevant days and dragging the bars to reflect the appropriate times.
  • Press Save to complete the setup.

The SSID will now broadcast only on the schedule specified.

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