Arlo Wire-free Camera – shocking battery life

Arlo is Netgear’s entry into the consumer CCTV market. They heavily promote the system bring 100% wires free. Unfortunately as I discovered to my own disappointment, this comes at a heavy cost.

The cameras in the base product have 720p resolution, are battery powered and feature motion sensing and night vision. They take some pretty hefty CR 17345 3v lithium batteries – 4 per camera to be precise. At £12.50 for a known brand (pack of ten) of battery, it’s quite expensive to keep Arlo happy. This is supposedly off-set by the “months” of battery life mentioned in the instructions if the cameras are configured appropriately and based on an average of 5 minutes recording a day.

Having rigged up the two camera system quickly and easily, I was rather disappointed to discover one camera had gone from 98% battery life to 20% inside of 24 hours. The camera profile was set to “Optimised” and the area being monitored low volume in terms of traffic. The camera is accessing the Arlo Hub through a single brick wall and a distance of around 10 feet.

With that in mind, I returned the system to Amazon and swapped it for a two camera, wired system from Swann. I’m much happier with this solution and would caution anyone looking at a battery only solution.

That being said, the Arlo Pro system features rechargeable batteries that can be topped off with solar panels. While expensive, this may be a viable alternative.

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