SDA Services – Network Automation

DNA Centre is made up of a number of components. Network Control Platform (NCP) - automatically configures network devices. The goal is to automate the configuration of the network. Goals of automation Reduce or eliminate repetitive tasks - e.g. manual configuration across a large number of devices.Reduce human error.Configuration standardisation.Return time to the IT staff.Zero … Continue reading SDA Services – Network Automation


Cisco ISE can be deployed as an hardware or virtual appliance. Several Licensing Flavours: Base - Guest Services, Cisco TrustSec, AAA, Radius/802.1xDevice Admin - TACACS+Plus - Device Profiling with Feed Service, BYOD with CA, Cisco pxGrid Context Sharing, Adaptive Network ControlISE Apex + AnyConnect Apex - Endpoint Compliance and Remediation, MDM/EMM Capability, Unified Posture Agent. … Continue reading SDA – ISE

SDA – DNA Centre

DNA Centre is a hardware appliance, not virtualised and available in three flavours; Entry (DN2-HW-APL) - supports 1000 network devices and 4000 AP's along with 25000 concurrent endpoints. Medium (DN2-HW-APL-L) - supports 2000 network devices and 6000 AP's along with 40000 concurrent endpoints Large (DN2-HW-APL-XL) - supports 5000 network devices and 13000 AP's along with … Continue reading SDA – DNA Centre