Setting up a ZISA G1000/G100 for BT G.FAST. The instructions are very similar to how you configure the unlocked BT VDSL modems. Go to "Advanced Setup, WAN Service". Remove anything already there and Add a new entry as follows: Interface: ptm0 WAN service type: Bridging Service description: br_0_1_1.101 802.1P Priority: 0 802.1Q VLAN ID: 101 … Continue reading G.FAST

Private VLANs

Private VLANs are used to isolate ports or groups of ports within the same primary VLAN/subnet. Shared resources like routers or servers are configured on promiscuous ports which can be reached by any member of a community or isolated private VLAN. Topology subnet This is the configuration for SW1 where VLAN 100 is the … Continue reading Private VLANs