Unifi: HP Officejet dropping wireless connection

I recently noticed I was unable to reach our "HP OfficeJet Pro 6960 All-in-One" printer over the wireless network. For background, the wireless network is built on a couple of Unifi NanoHD access points which have worked flawlessly since the day they were installed. The diagnostic printouts showed the printer was connected to Wifi and … Continue reading Unifi: HP Officejet dropping wireless connection

Unifi: USG SNMPv3 – Observium

Enable SNMPv3 in the Unifi Controller (Settings > Services > SNMP) and define a username and password. In Observium, go to Devices > Add Device Hostname: IP or hostname of target device.Protocol Version v3Transport UDPPort 161 (default)Timeout 1 (default)Retries 5 (default)Auth Level authPrivAuth Username username defined in Unifi Controller SNMPv3 settingsAuth Password password defined in … Continue reading Unifi: USG SNMPv3 – Observium